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Act local – connect European – think global! There is a lot going on in the network of Generation Europe – The Academy. Here you can find recent updates and reports on activities in our network.

Counteracting Menstrual Exclusion

“Do you know how many girls and young women are excluded from social life because of their menstruation?” asks the local group in Mrągowo, Poland. To initiate a discussion about this and to make a difference, the group built a dispenser for pads and tampons, installed it in the women’s restroom in their school, and published a video about it.

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International Solidarity on Stage

With a creative performance, the local group of Generation Europe – The Academy in Munich drew attention to an important issue: the Willow Project. This is a controversial project planned by the US oil company ConocoPhillips, which wants to drill for oil in northern Alaska. They plan to extract about 600 million barrels of oil, emitting enormous amounts of climate-damaging CO2 and endangering the nature and wildlife of Alaska.

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Europe Day: Preserving and using Cultural heritage

On May 9th, SMouTh, the local project partner of Generation Europe – The Academy in Larissa, Greece, will host an event at the Diachronic Museum of Larissa. For the local group, the event is a valuable part of the concept development for their Generation Europe youth encounter.

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Barcelona: Education Against Discrimination

The local group of Generation Europe – The Academy, organised by our project partner IRÈNIA in Barcelona, visited the department of education in Catalonia. There, the activists talked on the topic of well-being in education.

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Munich: Active at the bicycle rally

17,000 people, far more than expected, took part in the bicycle demonstration of the Bavarian Radentscheid Initiative in Munich, Germany. The Munich local group of Generation Europe – The Academy was also there.

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Youth Walk: Exploring the graffiti of Larissa

In Larissa, Greece the Municipal Youth Council and the local group of Generation Europe – The Academy have organzed a “Youth Walk” to explore the graffiti of the city.

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Community Building with Escape Rooms

March was an active month for the local group in Tigru Mures, Romania. The group has chosen community building as the central task of its three-year work within Generation Europe – The Academy. Now it organised its second community action.

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Connecting generations

The local group in Zaragoza, Spain is working to bring together the different generations in their city. Now the young people have visited the Ozanam Perpetuo Socorro senior citizens’ residence again. This time, they brought tablets with cognitive stimulation apps adapted for the elderly.

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