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Act local – connect European – think global! There is a lot going on in the framework of Generation Europe – The Academy. Here you can find recent updates and reports on activities in our network.

Working on the “Guide to Activism”

As an information and coordination hub for the Ambassador network, there is the Competence Group Ambassadors. This week, the transnational group is meeting in Estonia to plan their activities for this year. One of the main topics is the upcoming publication of the “Guide to Activism” this autumn.

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How the war is changing our educational and youth work

Statement by the IBB on the first anniversary of the Russian army’s attack on Ukraine. Since 24 February 2022, Ukraine has been defending itself with all its resources against the Russian attack. The war has disrupted the lives of millions of Ukrainians. The developments have also not remained without consequences for our educational and youth work.

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Katharina Teiting, Proje

About Fear and Anger

Speech from Project Director Katharina Teiting at the Network Conference of Generation Europe – The Academy, Hattingen (Germany), February 2023.

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This Is How We Meet

Here are some impressions from our Network Conference in Hattingen, Germany. Over five days, the project managers of the 45 participating organisations are meeting for planning and further development of Generation Europe – The Academy. During these inspirational days together in Hattingen we managed to see the faces of our new partner organisations, to discuss […]

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Preparing for the Network Conference

Great things need some preparation: From February 3 to 8, the project managers of the 45 partner organisations will meet in Hattingen, Germany for the 2023 Network Conference.

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Koblenz part of Generation Europe

These were exciting days during the first stage of the three-year exchange of “Generation Europe”, an international network of youth organisations promoting an active European civil society. Travel groups from Romania and Germany made their way to Kopparberg, a small town about 200 km from the Swedish metropolis of Stockholm.

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Short Film: Generation Europe in the Ruhr Area

A wonderful video about the youth encounter in the Ruhr area, Germany has reached us from our partnership no. 2: In this partnership, young people from Oberhausen (Germany), Tigru Mures (Romania) and Tartu (Estonia) work together.

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Sardinia: Last Youth Encounter of 2022

We are super-super excited to share the emotions of our very last Youth Encounter of the year 2022 and introduce you some new faces of the Partnership 15. The national groups of Germany, Italy and Greece met in Cagliari, Sardinia to create some magic.

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Florence: Active for sustainable development

Greetings from Florence, Italy, where the youth encounter took place until 3 December. Under the title „SustainAbility – Creative skills for a sustainable development“ 32 participants, youth leaders and ambassadors from Florence, Larissa and Cologne/Bergisch-Gladbach met.

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