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Connecting generations

This is Generation Europe – The Academy, too: Young people from 45 European cities and municipalities organise themselves in local groups to make a difference on the ground. Their activities are as diverse as the challenges in the respective communities. The local group in Zaragoza, Spain, for example, is working to bring together the different generations in their city.

Now the young people have visited the Ozanam Perpetuo Socorro senior citizens’ residence again. This time, they brought tablets with cognitive stimulation apps adapted for the elderly. Previously, they had completed several trainings to be able to offer activities specially designed for older people.

What a great day! Everyone had a lot of fun and the seniors discovered some of the many uses of the tablets: they could draw mandalas, do crossword puzzles, play memory games and even bingo. What sounds like pure fun is actually much more. Digital participation should be equally possible for everyone, regardless of age.