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Community Building with Escape Rooms

March was an active month for the local group in Tigru Mures, Romania. The group has chosen community building as the central task of its three-year work within Generation Europe – The Academy. Now it organised its second community action.

The first milestone was the conception and construction of two temporary Escape Rooms. These are adventure puzzle games that can only be solved by working together. On the first weekend of March, the group set up the rooms at the Outward Bound Romania Centre in Szováta and tested them with fellow students. They received valuable feedback that they used to further develop the puzzles and the gameplay.

On the last weekend in March, the local group organised an extended version of the Escape Room event. This time, solving the Escape Room puzzles was combined with other teambuilding activities. The students of the Bolyai Farkas Elméleti Líceum who participated in the 1.5-day event were very satisfied and found the programme useful.