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A Journey Through Space and Time

What do art and social activism have to do with each other? From 23 June to 4 July, the groups from Florence (Italy), Bergisch Gladbach (Germany) and Larissa (Greece) met for their youth encounter this year.

For about ten days, the 33 active participants created their own artistic works in group processes. They were guests of SMouTh, the Synergy of Music Theatre in Larissa. The original works created in this unique process range from art installations over hip-hop compositions, dance and scenic theatre to video art. At the end, they invited the public to the Diachronic Museum of Larissa to present the impressive result of their work:

Shooting and editing: Dimitris Vallas. Music by the participants of the youth encounter. Performance: Stavroula Lydia Pantziou, Garyfallenia Tsinopoulou, Pinelopi Brachou, Vasiliki Tsaknaki, Eleni Laki, Markos Lamproulis, Maria Akrivopoulou, Sofia Dermentzoglou, Sadik Affo, Linda Willutzki, Linus Echterhoff, Ivan Siegle, Viyan Merci, Yasmin Slama, Pia Möbus, Rebecca Stein, Ty Reuter, Adriana Siefert, Martina Bartolini, Cecilia Bertini, Sara Macheda, Lavinia Nuti, Libero Palazzi, Greta Campisi, Alice Risaliti, Sabrina Nuti, Margherita Nardo, Sofia Vanni, Edoardo Torti. Trainers: Konstantinos Lamproulis, Filippos Zoukas, Dimitra Zacharouli, Despoina Bounitsi, Aikaterini Bekou, Maria-Eleni Tsiamoura, Giannis Chantziantoniou. Management: Andreas Almpanis. Thanks to: Marthe Behr, Jess Opitz, Davide Sibilia and Marina Bistolfi.

The international group had already visited the Diachronic Museum of Larissa on Monday 26 June. They visited the exhibition and also the outdoor areas on the hill of Mezourlou, where the young artists were going to present their own artistic performances a few days later. The activists also took part in a workshop on sound and music production:

Shooting and editing: Dimitris Vallas. Music by the group of participants.

On Wednesday 28 June, the international group went to Rakopotamos beach. There, the activists not only enjoyed nature and recovered from the intense rehearsals for their show. They also left the beach cleaner than they found it. The beach clean-up action has already become a tradition within the MAKE USE project. In previous years, the young people had combined recreation with a meaningful task.

Shooting and editing: Dimitris Vallas.

In a record time of only three days, the international team at the Mill of Pappas Cultural Centre finally finished rehearsing their artistic performances. In the following video we see some scenes from the preparations on 1 and 2 July. Music by the participants of the programme: Marcos Lamproulis, Ty Reuter, Ivan Siegle and Edoardo Torti.

Shooting and editing: Dimitris Vallas.

The youth encounter MAKE USE 2 is a project of SMouTh – Synergy of Music Theatre (Larissa, Greece), CCC – Centro di Creazione e Cultura (Florence, Italy) and KREA-Jugrendclub der Kreativitätsschule (Bergisch Gladbach, Germany) in the framework of Generation Europe – The Academy.

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