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Changing and Enriching Schools

Helping to shape how and what is learned in schools is one of the goals of the local group of “Generation Europe – The Academy” in Ploiești, Romania. With this aim in mind, the group organised by the association Un Strop de Fericire has developed an extensive workshop programme.

In total, three types of mobile workshops have been created on topics that the young people in the group considered necessary and interesting: They deal with topics like environmental protection and programming – as well as how an active civil society can be promoted through the Escape Room method. The young people are particularly targeting schools in rural areas, which have only limited access to such offers.

The resulting workshops cover topics that are close to the hearts of the group members. One example is a workshop that uses an Escape Room to raise awareness about bullying. The activities developed are examples of an informal and cooperative pedagogical approach that the activists want to support: The young people are actively involved in the organisation and management and share their knowledge with the students and teachers, which is inspiring for everybody. So far, the project has visited several schools in Tatarani, Starchiojd, Ceptura, Vălcânesti and Ploiesti.

As part of Generation Europe – The Academy, the association “Un Strop de Fericire” (Romanian for “A Touch of Happiness”) is organising a group of more than 30 young people. Its aim is to facilitate young people’s access to learning opportunities and personal development, and to promote volunteering as a means of positive change in the community. With the help of the young participants, it supports local and international projects for the social integration of disadvantaged youth. It also organises educational and sporting events and campaigns for civic engagement and environmental protection.