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Counteracting Menstrual Exclusion

Identify problems on the spot, raise awareness for them, actively contribute to solutions: with these steps, the local groups of Generation Europe – The Academy develop their local action plans. For example in Mrągowo, Poland: “Do you know how many girls and young women are excluded from social life because of their menstruation?” the activists ask. “They can’t afford to buy personal hygiene products. Then they stay at home, don’t go to school, because they feel ashamed.” To start a discussion about this and to make a difference, the group built a dispenser for pads and tampons, installed it in the women’s restroom of their school, and published a video about the action:

Access to personal hygiene products should become a standard everywhere, is the message of the activists. It’s an important intervention that deserves attention far beyond Mrągowo. In fact, menstrual poverty is a problem all over Europe. Far too little is spoken about the consequences of this exclusion. But only problems that are visible can be solved together. “Let’s take care of each other”, the students of School Complex No. 2 in Mrągowo encourage all of us. Thank you for the awesome action!