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International Solidarity on Stage

With a creative performance, the local group of Generation Europe – The Academy in Munich drew attention to an important issue: the Willow Project. This is a controversial project planned by the US oil company ConocoPhillips, which wants to drill for oil in northern Alaska. They plan to extract about 600 million barrels of oil, emitting enormous amounts of climate-damaging CO2 and endangering the nature and wildlife of Alaska. That is why environmental organisations, indigenous communities and many other are protesting against the project, which was recently approved by the Biden administration.

Because the effects of environmental destruction do not remain local and also as a sign of international solidarity, the Munich group has brought the topic to the stage of Hall X in the Gasteig Munich. The Gasteig is Europe’s largest cultural centre. The performance took place as part of the “Spot on!” event, an open and inclusive stage format for young talents up to 26 years of age, who present their artistic skills and opinions.

The activists combined their performance with a passionate appeal for more sustainability in everyday life. Among other things, the group called on the audience to take part in the “Seven-Day Challenge” developed by the Munich group for a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. All thumbs up for this commitment! You can find the Munich local group on Instagram here.