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Barcelona: Education Against Discrimination

The local group of Generation Europe – The Academy, organised by our project partner IRÈNIA in Barcelona, visited the department of education in Catalonia. There, the activists talked with experts, teachers and other members of the community of practice on the topic of well-being in education.

The activists spoke about discrimination and racism in schools based on their personal experiences as students and participants in Generation Europe – the Academy. The topics of discussion ranged from personal experiences of unequal opportunities to the importance of feeling included and supported in their education.

The appointment was part of their local action plan, which aims to influence conditions in the education sector. The goal is to understand and implement education as a way to fight discrimination. In this context, a video has also been produced for use in schools and other educational institutions. It is an accessible tool provided by the Skills Network for training purposes for more than 1300 participants and used in 15 regions of Catalonia. In total, 650 schools and institutes will use the video.

In addition, it will be broadcasted in the programme “30 minutes”, because emotional well-being is one of the five 5 vectors that the Catalan Department of Education has decided to use in order to create a more democratic and inclusive society, where more participation, equal opportunities, and real equality are possible. Another video with the participants will be released, focusing on the vector of democratic citizenship and global awareness.