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Workshop: Youth Work needs Advocates

The Competence Group Lobby within the network of Generation Europe – The Academy has continued its series of workshops on advocacy and lobbying for better conditions in youth work. In June 2022, the first two workshops were held to teach youth work organizations how to advocate successfully and develop a strategy for it. Now, youth workers gathered in Hamm, Germany and Budapest, Hungary to further discuss these topics:

  • How to clarify communication structures internally
  • The importance of celebrating the achievement of milestones and of communicating it
  • How to communicate to the outside world
  • How to carry out safe, innovative and creative actions

The topics discussed during the workshop were derived from the project ideas proposed by the youth workers in the initial part of the series. In essence, the content was sourced from the network, and the facilitators provided them with the necessary tools to refine, enhance, and plan the project concepts in greater detail.