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Preparing for a summer of youth cooperation

From Portugal to Hungary, from Greece to the north of Germany: the project partners in the network of Generation Europe – The Academy are currently preparing to make the summer of 2023 a summer of European youth cooperation. They are organising a total of 15 international youth encounters in eight European countries from June to October. The goal: more exchange and mutual support – especially in times of crisis!

It all starts on 23 June in Larissa, Greece. Here, young people from Bergisch Gladbach (Germany) and Florence (Italy) will meet with their Greek partners. In Larissa, the local youth group has been working on their “Make Use” project since 2018, in which young people are taking ownership of their city in many different ways. Among many other actions, they have created the Make Use Map, which describes the city and public places from the young people’s point of view. During the youth encounter, the activists will continue this work. They also deal artistically with the public space and the history of the places. International exchange also plays an important role, as the young people from Germany and Italy are currently drawing up local action plans to tackle problems in their cities.

Our 2023 Youth Encounters

  • 23.06.-04.07. in Larissa/Greece (Partnership 5: Bergisch Gladbach/Germany, Larissa/Greece, Florence/Italy)
  • 07-18.07. in Nordhausen/Germany (Partnership 8: Nordhausen/Germany, Santa Cruz de Tenerife/Spain, Krzyżowa/Poland).
  • 21.07 -01.08. in Stuttgart/Germany (Partnership 13: Stuttgart/Germany, Torino/Italy, Zaragoza/Spain)
  • 13-23.07. in Gdańsk, Poland (Partnership 6: Bornheim/Germany, Budapest/Hungary, Gdańsk/Poland)
  • 15-27.07. in Gdańsk, Poland (Partnership 12: Schwerin/Germany, Gdańsk/Poland, Marseille/France)
  • 20-31.07. in Almada and Évora, Portugal (Partnership 1: Bochum/Germany, Rome/Italy, Évora/Portugal)
  • 24.07.-03.08. in Sovata, Romania (Partnership 2: Oberhausen/Germany, Tigru Mueres/Romania, Tartu/Estonia)
  • 24.07.-04.08. in Hagen/Germany (Partnership 4: (Unna/Germany, Itri/Italy, Oulu/Finland)
  • 24.07.-04.08. in Zarnesti, Romania (Partnership 14: Koblenz/Germany, Örebro/Sweden, Ploiești/Romania)
  • 26.07.-06.08.2023 in Pöcking, Germany (Partnership 11: Munich/Germany, Olsztyn/Poland, La nou de Berguedà/Spain)
  • 28.07-10.08. in San Boi de Llobregat and Sant Ferriol, Spain (Partnership 10: Sinzig/Germany, Barcelona/Spain, Kungsbacka/Sweden)
  • 07-18.08. in Siófok, Hungary (Partnership 7: Weimar/Germany, Sintra/Portugal, Budapest/Hungary)
  • 20.10.-31.10. in Bad Libenzell, Germany (Partnership 15: Bad Libenzell/Germany, Cagliari/Italy, Thessaloniki, Greece)

In addition, two more international youth encounters in Germany and Italy. are currently being planned We wish all activists a lot of fun and success in their preparations for this eventful summer!