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Youth Work in Europe – Mission (im)possible?

Symposium on 13 November 2023 at the Dortmund “U”

Youth work in Europe is under great pressure. A lack of skilled workers, overworked personnel, underfunding and massive bureaucratic barriers have been shaping the work of professionals in recent years. In addition, the current challenges and crises not only affect the organisations and professionals, but also the situation of the young people in particular. For example, the school dropout rate in Europe has almost doubled.

The social importance of youth work and civic education cannot be underestimated in times of weakened, sometimes even dysfunctional democracies. Organisations, professionals, young people, science, administration, and politics should network and cooperate in order to analyse the problems and jointly develop solutions. Therefore, we hereby invite you to discuss with us and work on sustainable strategies for the future:

Youth work in Europe – Mission (im)possible?
Symposium to promote dialogue between youth, youth work and politics
13.11.2023, 10:00 at the Dortmund “U”, 44137 Dortmund

The IBB Association has been working with a network of youth organisations from all over Europe since 2008. The current programme “Generation Europe: The Academy” involves 45 organisations from 14 European countries that are linked in trilateral partnerships. Experts and young people from the network will be present at the event to share their experiences and competences.