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Sardinia: Last Youth Encounter of 2022

We are super-super excited to share the emotions of our very last Youth Encounter of the year 2022 and introduce you some new faces of the Partnership 15. The national groups of Germany, Italy and Greece met in Cagliari, Sardinia to create some magic. Here are some impressions from the Partnership:

  • Dreaming and acting as a unity. Small actions can lead to great things as long as people have a common purpose despite their different mindsets.
  • It’s important to work together, because we have to relay on different mindsets, points of view, strengths and knowledge to achieve a common goal. It’s necessary to be able to count on more individualities and to support each other.
  • Exploration exploring and finding our strengths as the youth of the world and have to rely on them as a teamwork to build the future together.

Imagine there’s no countries, just one world. We are a part of something huge but with no limits and geographical borders. A reality where dreams come true, that’s what we are!

We are happy to have you in our Generation Europe – The Academy project’s family. Best wishes to your partnership!