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Portugal: Tomorrow Starts Today

“Tomorrow starts today!” This was the motto under which the local groups from Bochum (Germany), Rome (Italy) and Évora (Portugal) met in Portugal for their youth encounter this year as part of Generation Europe – The Academy. Together, the young people want to find ways to tackle the problems in the world and make a difference – at home in their local communities, but also beyond.

And so it was logical that the young people did not just discuss the issues pressing on their minds among themselves. At the end of the meeting, the activists invited politicians and decision-makers to discuss their proposals, wishes and demands. The topics were sustainability and opportunities for youth participation, but also migration and integration as well as other urgent problems such as violence against women and gender diversity.

This is good news for Europe: these young people have great ideas – and concrete plans to address problems. They are smart, well organised and connected across Europe. During the twelve-day youth encounter, they learned a lot of new things and brought back many ideas that they want to implement in their local activities until next year, when the active participants from Rome and Évora will travel to Bochum for a return visit.

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