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Outdoor Action and Mutual Support

Generation Europe is reaching new heights, mastering challenges and boosting community spirit! The climbing adventure in a high ropes course is just one of the many activities that the young people of our Partnership 2 are currently experiencing in Sovata, Romania. From 23 July to 2 August, the active members of the local groups from Tartu, Estonia and Oberhausen, Germany are guests of their project partner Outward Bound Romania.

Clearly, a lot of outdoor experiences are on the agenda for the eleven-day youth encounter. After all, the young people are meeting in the Carpathian Mountains, and outdoor education is one of the central fields of activity of the local project partner Outward Bound. But that is by no means the whole story. Above all, the activists meet to support and advise each other on their local projects.

The local activities that the young people want to implement at home are very diverse, but still have a common ground: it is always about working for positive change on the spot. For example, the group from Oberhausen is developing the concept for a youth podcast that deals with questions and problems of young people in society.

The group from Estonia wants to promote the networking of young bands and cultural workers by providing them with a regional online platform. And young people in Romania have set up escape rooms, among other things, to create an offer for young people in their region that promotes community building through cooperation.

In the afternoon after pesenting their local action plans to each other the excitement was high, because the group started to prepare for the hike.

Last year, the international group already met in Oberhausen, Germany, and next summer they will be going on a return visit to Estonia. We say thumbs up, good luck, have fun and success!

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