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Experience Europe with Youth Work

Europe is diverse, multi-layered and complex. The G5 working group is an association of five large youth work and youth social work organisations in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It has made an entertaining video about European youth projects. Among others, the young people of the local group of Generation Europe – The Academy from Oberhausen, Germany have their say.

What do European youth projects teach about the construct of the EU? How do they transmit democratic values? And what to do with freedom of expression, peace, environmental protection and personal opportunities in life? For the European Year of Youth, numerous institutions of open children’s and youth work have worked on the topic. Participative, peer-to-peer, creative, informative. The aim: to make Europe a hands-on experience. The film shows examples of five very different projects. In addition to our local group at the ParkHaus Oberhausen youth centre, participants from the Krea Jugendclub in Bergisch Gladbach, Coach e.V. in Cologne, the German Scout Association St. Georg (DPSG) in Paderborn and Grünbau Dortmund report on their experiences.

The film is a joint project of the G5 working group. It has set itself the task of critically accompanying youth policy in North Rhine-Westphalia, developing joint activities and informing each other about the status of its work. The following organisations are represented in the G5 working group: Landesjugendring NRW, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Offene Türen NRW e.V. (AGOT NRW e.V.), Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Jugendsozialarbeit NRW, Landesvereinigung Kulturelle Jugendarbeit NRW and Paritätisches Jugendwerk NRW.