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Working on the “Guide to Activism”

The Ambassador Network of Generation Europe – The Academy brings together young people who want to take over responsibilities at all levels of the programme. In special trainings they are prepared to become mentors and multipliers in their local groups and also important advocates for the concerns of young people in Europe.

As an information and coordination hub for this network, there is the Competence Group Ambassadors. This week, the transnational group is meeting in Estonia to plan their activities for this year.

One of the main topics is the upcoming publication of the “Guide to Activism” this autumn. This is a peer-to-peer guide that is currently being developed with the support and input of the Ambassadors. The goal: to provide a new tool for young people in- and outside our network to help them to organise and become active. At the meeting in Estonia, the activists are finalising more parts of the content, making decisions about the layout and planning a publishing strategy for the guide.