Working group selection

Please select here the working group you are interested in for the Symposium. The working groups we offer are the following:

1. Youth Work and Civic Education In current social developments, democracy in Europe is under pressure. What contribution does youth work make to promoting and maintaining a democratic civil society? How can we head off the dangers that come with a weakening and underfunding of the working field?

2. Local Youth Work and Europe Organising youth groups locally and bringing in a European perspective is not a contradiction, but an enrichment for both fields. How can local projects benefit from international networking, and what conditions are necessary for this? How can sustainable networks of international youth cooperation be established, maintained and strengthened under changing conditions?

3. Youth Work and Mental Health Wars, price increases, the aftermath of Corona, a political shift to the right: in a time of multiple crises, young people, professionals and youth work orga­ni­sations are facing additional challenges. How do we deal with them? What is needed to make us and the structures in which we are active more resilient?

4. Youth Work as a Profession When it comes to caring for children and young people, are parents and volunteers enough for this? In the struggle for social recognition of care work, sufficient funding of youth work structures plays a special role. What needs to be done to improve the working conditions? What can politicians, administrators, youth work organisations and employees do to improve the situation?

5. Diversity and Inclusion So far, young people with international family histories, refugee experiences, interrupted educational biographies and those from rural areas have been significantly underrepresented in international projects and formats of civic education. How can we address diverse target groups? How can a diverse workforce up to the management level of youth work be achieved?

Working group selection

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