Generation Europe was conceived by active people at the International Association for Education and Exchange (IBB e.V.). This funding programme of a new kind builds upon the long experience of the organisation in the fields of international youth work and political democracy education. The European youth workcamp programme ewoca³ (2009-2017) and the projects entitled Pimp my Europe (2016-2018) deserve special mention.

Generation Europe specifically aims at also reaching youths, who, for different reasons, have been excluded from political participation processes until now. Our experience tells us: Youths describing themselves as „unpolitical“ often show great interest in political questions once entrance barriers have been removed, once a relationship to their lived experiences exists, and they furthermore experience their committed actions having an impact. At the same time, youths with migration backgrounds, flight experiences, with broken educational biographies, as well as those from rural areas are severely underrepresented in international projects until now. We actively address this imbalance, in particular also to allow for the participation of young people, who are only seldom reached by formats of political education as well as international youth work.