Our goals

Participation and activation

Young people from different milieus are given access to international youth work: they are inspired to get involved in society and an international exchange on European values is created. Young people are thus strengthened in their self-perception as committed Europeans and motivated to take active action in their local environment. The participants have the opportunity to shape all elements of the project. Participation is additionally strengthened through youth-oriented project management.

Peer education and qualification

Generation Europe: The Academy builds up a Europe-wide network of ambassadors of former participants of international youth encounters. The young people are trained in the project to become young professionals and multipliers for Critical Youth Citizenship (CYC) and democratic participation. They accompany the young people in the local groups of the project and pass on their knowledge to them and young people outside the project. Together with experts, they develop a peer education concept based on their experience as multipliers.

Professionalisation and Europeanisation

Generation Europe – The Academy strengthens local youth work structures in Europe through regional and national partnerships. The cooperation in the international network enables a sustainable transfer of knowledge. The further education and training of experts and organisations additionally professionalises international youth work. Through increased cooperation in European competence groups on the topics of peer education, inclusive and participatory methodology as well as advocacy and lobbying, youth work and political education are not only thought of and developed locally, but also on a European level.

Cooperation and awareness-raising

Results-oriented dialogue must not only be conducted by professionals and organisations, but must also involve young people. Young people’s needs must be heard and have an influence on political decision-making. Politics and administration are sensitised by Generation Europe – The Academy for the importance of European youth work as well as for concrete needs from practice. The dialogue between funding bodies, professionals and young people is actively promoted. The project is scientifically monitored in order to continuously improve the concept.